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Students who have completed their high school studies in their home country can apply for the “Medical Foundation Program” or other programs of AIC.
Those who have not completed their high school studies will be able to apply for the International High School program of AIC.
International students can apply to AIC anytime of the year. Educational programs start in September and January. Students, who arrive after the beginning of a semester, continue with the language or science preparatory classes and will join the next semester to audit the full program.
To apply to any program of AIC, you should complete the application form and forward it to the Admission department of AIC together with the required documents. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive the conditional Letter of Admission from AIC. You are required to take the next steps according to the conditions and requirements stated in the Letter of Admission to finalize your admission to AIC.
You should sit for APT (Avicenna Placement Test), transfer the tuition fee and other relevant fees and provide all the documents before you are introduced to the Hungarian Embassy for visa purposes (for non-EU citizens).
Our consultants in your country can extend their help to facilitate the process of application and admission.

Our students

constantly thrive to learn and expand their knowledge in science and languages. I have witnessed the outcome of these efforts in the past 30 years. My past students are now among experienced medical doctors serving their patients in England, the USA, Hungary and Iran among other countries.

Our faculty

are highly qualified to provide international education and showing the right path to our students. We are proud that we have been able to help even those students who join us with poor English and science backgrounds. They have all crossed the “bridge” of success. The mere high statistics of our admitted students to medical and technical universities in Europe is a testimony to the validity and success of the “Avicenna - oriented” method of our education.

Our partner universities

are all among well-recognized and prestigious European universities which offer their programs in English.

Avicenna Faculty and Colleagues