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Degrees of Avicenna International School-Tehran



Avicenna International School (AIS) of Tehran

offers an international primary school program for grades 1 to 5. Language of instruction is English. Our children also learn German, French and Persian.

Developing independent and responsible students is a major focus of the Primary School. We encourage our Primary School students to be curious and enthusiastic about learning. We strive to meet the individual needs of our students as well as develop their self-confidence, respect for one another and an appreciation for diversity throughout the school.

At AIS a wealth of materials and sound pedagogical approaches in all subject areas move instruction toward inquiry-based learning (Problem-based Learning) where all students feel challenged and have success.

What we offer:

    • We provide a strong English language environment.
    • We provide a language and science-rich curriculum that encourages children to use English language and increase their vocabulary while incorporating reading and writing into their everyday lives.
    • We provide a highly qualified and professional faculty who are committed to inspiring all students.
    • We provide a warm, caring and nurturing environment that focuses on the needs of children.
    • We provide a school-day schedule that maximizes learning, balances nutrition and play and provides students with opportunities to pursue the arts.
    • We provide a strong Parent-School relationship that supports children’s learning.



AIS Middle School is designed for grades 6, 7 and 8

This program aims to prepare students to be responsible global citizens and enable them to achieve the highest level of their potential. AIS emphasizes the whole child, providing a wide variety of excellent academic and co-curricular experiences.

The AIS Middle School aims to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of middle-level age students. Our challenging program of study ensures students are well prepared for the rigors of a high school anywhere in the world.

Much of the AIS Middle School’s success is attributable to its highly qualified and experienced faculty of international educators – supporting students both inside and outside the classroom.

The teachers and administration look forward to working with students and parents each year to help foster an enjoyable, rewarding and meaningful experience for each and every child.



International High School Program (IHSP)

of Avicenna provides educational excellence in sciences to take the final steps in the preparation of the students to become responsible citizens and continue their future studies at one of the prestigious universities of their choice anywhere in the world. We encourage excellence in our activities, from academic studies to athletics.

Instruction is in English and Avicenna offers extensive support to non-native English speakers. All students will meet a high level of English proficiency upon graduation. At least one second language will be emphasized (German / French). Persian is also taught as a second language.

The academic program contains a variety of opportunities for scientific experiments, extra-curricular and athletics experiences. These together serve to enrich the development of the whole student, and inspire him or her to strive for excellence.

The curriculum of the high school has a highly academic focus and prepares students for university studies in English speaking universities in Europe or North America. Students will also have the possibility to study in German or French speaking environments. Students who successfully complete the required credits for graduation shall receive an Avicenna International High School Diploma, recognized and attested by the Ministry of Education.

The main courses/credits in International High School Program include:

    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • English Language
    • English literature and Civilization
    • Second Language
    • History
    • Ethics and Religions
    • Geography and Environment
    • Music
    • Arts
    • Information Technology
    • Sport and Physical Education
    • Sociology and Psychology