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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Become our consultant and help students to make their dreams come true!

Consultants are valuable members of our institution who share our belief in giving equal opportunities for everyone who wishes to continue their studies in higher education.

Who are consultants?

Consultants are educational specialists who help prospective students of Avicenna in choosing the best course of study.

What do consultants do?

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Consultants are independent partners of Avicenna who offer the following services:

  • Provide information about the courses and programs at AIC.
  • Provide information about the admission requirements of AIC and other European universities.
  • Provide information about actual fees set by AIC and other universities.
  • Provide information about visa and student residence permit in the Schengen area.
  • Assist with the completion of AIC application form and preparation of admission package.
  • Assist with the visa application. Neither the consultant nor the AIC can undertake any responsibility with respect to the decision of the immigration authorities regarding visa application.
  • Assist with the travel arrangement of the students.

Become our consultant!

If you wish to cooperate with us in your country or at the school where you teach, you are welcome to become a consultant. Being a consultant is both an educational and a cultural position, where you have the opportunity to help students who would like to continue their studies abroad.


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about the following topics:



Avicenna will provide training programs for you as a consultant during which you will be familiarized with all the educational and cultural opportunities. If you become a consultant, you will be able to help all the students of your country to study abroad.

Consultants are not officers or representatives of Avicenna and function independently, though our institution considers financial reward for those who join us.

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