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International High School Program

Academic Programs

AIC is most famous and well-recognized for its pre-university programs especially in medical fields.

• International High School Program

AIC is authorized by the Ministry of Human resources of Hungary to operate its Bi-lingual High School. It is based on 1 + 4 structure.
Students from Hungary and overseas apply to this program. All students need to at least have finished 8 years of school in their home country.
Students join one year of preparatory year which mainly focuses on English and Hungarian languages, with some mathematics and science. After successful completion of this year, students get to grade 9 followed by grades 10, 11 and 12 (hence, 1 + 4).
Upon completion of the program students receive a Hungarian high school diploma which enables them to continue their studies in Hungary of any other university in Europe and around the world.
Our high school students will be fluent in English and Hungarian and have a good command of German.

Our students

constantly thrive to learn and expand their knowledge in science and languages. I have witnessed the outcome of these efforts in the past 30 years. My past students are now among experienced medical doctors serving their patients in England, the USA, Hungary and Iran among other countries.

Our faculty

are highly qualified to provide international education and showing the right path to our students. We are proud that we have been able to help even those students who join us with poor English and science backgrounds. They have all crossed the “bridge” of success. The mere high statistics of our admitted students to medical and technical universities in Europe is a testimony to the validity and success of the “Avicenna - oriented” method of our education.

Our partner universities

are all among well-recognized and prestigious European universities which offer their programs in English.

Avicenna Faculty and Colleagues