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Avicenna International Academy


It is a tradition of Avicenna International Academy to offer scholarship opportunities for those talented international students who present a strong scientific background and are dedicated to complete their studies in Europe. We support those who meet the requirements and standards of Avicenna, yet may be in need of partial financial support.

Who can apply?

1- Students with high school or higher degrees.
2- Students who wish to continue their studies at Avicenna International College.
3- Students who wish to pursue their studies in a medical field (MFP).
4- Students who fulfill the general requirements of study abroad and visa/residence in Europe and can leave their country legally for study purposes.

How can I apply? What is the procedure?

1- Fill out the application form for Avicenna scholarship and send it to Avicenna Admission Department.
2- Prepare the authentic English translation of the following documents and submit them to college:
a. Copy of your passport
b. Two passport size recent photo
c. Authentic copy of your high school diploma
d. Authentic copy of your high school transcript
e. Two recommendation letters (detailed to show your character)
f. A copy of any certificate of national or international exams and merits
g. Your CV
h. Motivation Letter
i. A request letter indicating your reasons for scholarship application
3- Submit all the original documents to the Admission Department of AIC.

4- You will be contacted and detailed information will be provided.
5- You will be invited to sit for the Avicenna Placement Test and the Scholarship Qualifying Exam. This exam includes written and oral parts. Part of the exam may be administered in your native language. The exam subjects include:
a. Human Biology (Cell, Genetics, Physiology)
b. General and Organic Chemistry
c. General English
d. Medical English
6- Based on the results of the exam and the documents provided, qualified students will be selected.
7- An agreement will be sent to the scholarship winners stating the scope and the conditions of the scholarship.
8- The winners of the scholarship will be announced in an official ceremony.

Our students

constantly thrive to learn and expand their knowledge in science and languages. I have witnessed the outcome of these efforts in the past 30 years. My past students are now among experienced medical doctors serving their patients in England, the USA, Hungary and Iran among other countries.

Our faculty

are highly qualified to provide international education and showing the right path to our students. We are proud that we have been able to help even those students who join us with poor English and science backgrounds. They have all crossed the “bridge” of success. The mere high statistics of our admitted students to medical and technical universities in Europe is a testimony to the validity and success of the “Avicenna - oriented” method of our education.

Our partner universities

are all among well-recognized and prestigious European universities which offer their programs in English.